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 Lands and Villages of Shourai Naruto

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PostSubject: Lands and Villages of Shourai Naruto   Tue Jun 12, 2007 10:26 pm

1. The Land of Fire, is home to Konohagakure, the Village Hidden in the Leaves. It enjoys a relatively temperate climate with generally sunny conditions, allowing for bountiful harvests all year-round. Because of its location, the Land of Fire trades heavily with the other surrounding countries, giving it one of the largest populations and strongest economies in the Naruto world. It was at first widely regarded as one of the strongest countries.

2. The Land of Water, is oriented towards the element of water. It is composed of many islands, with each having its own unique traditions. The country's weather is typically cool and full of mist and lakes. In some places, like the area where Haku grew up, it is very cold and snows quite a bit. Little is currently known about it and it apparently leaves itself out of most political affairs, which is understandable considering that it is an island relatively remote from the continent containing the other four major countries. Its hidden village is Kirigakure, the Village Hidden in the Mist. The Land of Water is the smallest of the five great countries, which may be the reason Kirigakure used to hold the gruesome graduation tests that it did.

3. The Land of Rice Fields otherwise known as the Land of Sound , is a small country bordering the Land of Fire and home to Otogakure, Orochimaru's own hidden village. The Land of Rice Fields is its original name, with the Land of Sound being Orochimaru's own name for it. Many of its shinobi were collected, most being from the Fuma clan, to supply his need for followers and jutsu, but after the fall of Orochimaru the land became quite peaceful and is used mainly for a gathering spot for the other Great Countries.

4. The Land of Earth, What little is known is that it is covered in rocks and caves, with mountains acting as a natural border for the country that make communication with other countries difficult. The winds of the country are also particularly strong, picking up rocks as they go and dropping them upon cities. They are not allies with the Land of Fire, as noted in the Kakashi Gaiden arc. Their hidden village is Iwagakure, the Village Hidden in the Rocks.

5. The Land of Rain, is home to Amegakure, but little is known beyond that. In a flashback, it was shown to be filled with a great number of small buildings in a heavily wooded area, suggesting that it might perhaps be located in a rainforest.

6. The Land of Grass, is home to Kusagakure. Little else is known about the Land of Grass. It is very rich with flora. Most residents of this Land are very peaceful and are amoung the most friendly of all other Countries.

7. The Land of the Waterfall, consists of a large waterfall which hides Takigakure, its hidden village. Obviously, the landmark of the area is its waterfall, which is rather large by modern standards.

8. The Land of Lightning, The first databook describes it as a peninsula divided by a vast mountain range, with numerous rivers running from it out to sea. Hot springs are also prevalent within the country. Its hidden village is Kumogakure, the Village Hidden in the Clouds.

9. The Land of Wind, is a large, dry, and desolate country whose cities are typically found near water sources. While much of the country is inhospitable, the population is large and prosperous due to its frequent trading with the Land of Fire. This Land also has a great many powerful ninja to call its own. Its hidden village is Sunagakure, Village Hidden in the Sand. The Land of Wind has been involved with politics for quite sometime, and even had a peace treaty signed with the Land of Fire.

10. The Land of Shadows, is a small island Country located off the East cost of The Land of Lightning. The land is always dark and cold like an eternal winter night. Everything on the surface of the island is either dead and or dying. A thick fog is constantly floating above the entire island and starts three miles out to sea. The Village Hidden Six Feet Under is obviously located under the ground and resides over 3/4 the island underground, and resembles a gigantic cemetary. It is an enemy to all the Great Countries and is most brutal of all the other Villages.
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Lands and Villages of Shourai Naruto
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