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 Dess Forester

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Dess Forester

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PostSubject: Dess Forester   Wed Jun 13, 2007 6:06 pm

Name and Alias: Dess Forester

Age: 15

Height: 5' 5.5''

Weight: 103

Gender: Female

Shinobi-Rank: Jonin

Kekkei-Genkai: Byakugan, as well as some hidden abilities.

Alignment: Good

Birth Country: Unknown

Birth Date: March 10

Village: Constantly changing. She loves to travel and visit all kinds of villages.

Picture Appearace (Optional):
(but with lavender eyes)

Personality: Dess has high standards and she doesn't like to let herself or anyone else down. She can become surprisingly downhearted on occasion, but doesn't usually stay depressed for long and her confidence returns fairly quickly. The thing that saves her most in hard times is her joyful sense of humor. Dess is very reckless and usually not afraid of anything. She's the type of person who would be sitting in a torture chair, her Tormentor standing front in front of her, telling her to confess a hidden secret, and she'd smile so sweetly up at him, put on her most innocent face, and say, "Bite me."
But Dess is a great person to talk to. She'll listen and comfort you when you need her the most, and she is very trusting. She is very generous and kind and will do anything to help others, especially one of her friends or family. Dess is very loyal and dependable, as long as she's feeling loved.

Dess's faults include impatience and a tendency to over dramatize problems. She becomes irritable when things go wrong and quite sarcastic when ill, under pressure, or over-tired. She lives in the fast lane, working and playing very hard. However she must remember to build in some rest and recovery time. It is very unlikely for her to have a fling simply out of curiosity, and likes to get to know someone first before getting into a relationship.

History/Background: When she was born, her father was having a hard time looking after her. Lets just say he wasn't used to kids. Since her mother had mysteriously disappeared a few days after Dess was born, her father had no help. His father, her grandfather, had died years ago, so Jonathan couldn't turn in that direction. So he had no choice but to but Constant up for adoption.

But the people in the the adoption center were mean and cruel. Well, to her at least. Dess had no idea why, though. They'd make her clean the floors, bring them lunch, and all sorts of other things. So when Dess was 4 years old, she ran away. She lived on her own for a few years, training herself. When she was 7 years old, Dess was found by Iruka Umino, who took her in. He also trained her in the Konoha Ninja Academy. Dess graduated, but is still learning about her abilities.
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Dess Forester
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