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 Keiro Hayase

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Keiro Hayase

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PostSubject: Keiro Hayase   Wed Jun 13, 2007 6:16 pm

Name and Alias: Keiro Hayase
Age: 16
Height: 5,9
Weight: 130
Gender: Male
Shinobi-Rank: Jonin
Kekkei-Genkai: Ansatsuken It's a Kekkei-Genkai passed down only through the blood of the Hayase clan. This special skill is mainly used for hand-to-hand combat purposes. It grants the user the abilities of enhanced strength, speed, hearing, even gives them the ability to feel vibrations in the air. The only downside is this technique also leaves the user completely blind.
Alignment: Good
Birth Country: Land of Grass
Birth Date: July 16
Village: Kusagakure
Appearance (Very Detailed):
Picture Appearace (Optional):
Personality: Likes to joke around, determined, is usually only serious in fights when his skills are tested, nice to most people he meets depending on how they act towards him and others.
History/Background: He grew up with his mother, Miyako, his brother Ryo, and their pet wolf, Nowe. After he started his first day in the Academy, he was said to be one of the best students there. That is except for another boy, Jose Vine, who is now his partner. Now he just wanders the countries looking for something that will interest him.
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Keiro Hayase
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