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 Tanzania Koncavador

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PostSubject: Tanzania Koncavador   Wed Jun 13, 2007 9:49 pm

Name and Alias: Tanzania Koncavador (will allow people to call her Tanz or Tanzie )
Age: 16
Height: 5' 4"
Weight: 115
Gender: female
Shinobi-Rank: (( oops i forgot wat it was called, but average i guess ))
Kekkei-Genkai: can sense people's feelings when touched
Alignment: good
Birth Country: idk? will post later, as needed
Birth Date: March 16
Village: used to be Mist Village, but now she is a nomad
Appearance (Very Detailed): long golden hair, just past her waist. electric blue eyes that turn a deep green when she senses someone's feelings. small ears. one scar above her left ear. she has freckles that splatter across her nose and on the tops of her cheeks. light pink lips that are usually adjusted into a small smile.
Picture Appearace (Optional):
Personality: very quiet, can be funny. not usually confrontational, unless she has to be. not very outgoing. doesnt follow the crowd. very caring because she feels what other people feel.
History/Background: She was left in Mist Village when she was three months old by her parents who were running from an unknown person. She was dropped off at a random house, one she loved until she was fourteen, at which point she felt she should be doing more than just staying at home. she set out to look for her purpose and pretty much roams freely now.
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Tanzania Koncavador
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