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PostSubject: Roxy   Sun Jul 01, 2007 7:09 pm

Name and Alias:Shion Mikoto
Birth Country:fire
Birth Date:june 24
Village:hidden in the leaves
Appearance (Very Detailed):Shion has long blue shorts similiar to jeans.She also has a green jacket that opens up in the middle and a army t-shirt(What the soldiers where like in afganistan they were yellow but i'm talking about the green the brown and yeah).Her headband hangs around her neck and above that is her Blue/green necklace that hangs right on the headband.She also wears those Blue sandals(You know the one that they wear in Naruto.Those ones are what i'm talking about.)
Picture Appearace (Optional):
Personality:funny, outgoing, kickass, a true friend.She is very lazy and sometimes won't move becase she won't feel like to.She is very protective of her friends and won't let anyone hurt them.She is very nice but it can change in an instant becuase of her short temper.
History/Background:doesn't remember was hit on the head severely when young.(More info) After so she had to fight on her own when she was young and sleeps in a tent usually because of her laziness to go on missions.Oh yeah and she was found by a jounin when she was little named kiruka Mikoto.He put her in the konoha academy and she graduated at the age of 7.When she went to the chuunin exams she was about 9.After that she didn't even try to make it to jounin yet.Shortly after becoming a chuunin Kiruka died on a mission.Shion still hasn't recovered from this so she can be silent at some times and visits his grave frequently.Her only ties to Kiruka now is the Blue/green necklace that he left her.It is a pricless necklace and it would have a price it would be worth about 5 million dollars.(Don't you wish you had one?)
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