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 Kaihamaru Consulo

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PostSubject: Kaihamaru Consulo   Wed Jun 13, 2007 12:39 am


Name and Alias: Kaihamaru Consulo "Demon of the Lost Wind"
Age: 15
Height: 5' 6''
Weight: 120 lbs.
Gender: Male
Shinobi-Rank: Missing-nin
Kekkei-Genkai: Kyuu Shippuu of the Oni's Manako: Can only be activated when the Nekomata seal is broken. Kaihamaru's eyes glow a bright green and can follow wind movements percicely. Following air currents he moves at unsurpassable speeds he makes eight hurricanes around one larger hurricane around his opponent. Once the enemy is in the eye of the largest hurricane the other eight slowly spin in different dirrections, and slowly blend with the main causing an unbalanced air currents that either tear the opponent to shread or traps them in an unescapable air prison where Kaihamaru can attack them freely.
Alignment: Nuetral/Good
Birth Country: Unknown
Birth Date: February 12
Village: Previously Village HIdden in the Sand
Appearance (Very Detailed): Kaihamaru is short with spikey white tipped black hair. His skin is slightly tan and his eyes are a emerald green. On his left cheek is a forest green triangular marking. Kaihamaru wears a short sleeved brown mesh shirt. For pants he wears dark greyish blue almost black pants, that appear a few sizes to big for him. He has a limp unlooped belt on his waist just for detail. Awkwardly he refuses to wear any footwear yet his feet never seemed harmed by walking bear foot. He wears his slashed Sand Village headband on his fourhead to cover the eight trigram seal placed there to hold the Bijuu Nekomata inside his body, unlike Naruto's his is easily broken, but also easily sealed again.
Picture Appearace:
Personality: Kaihamaru is layed back most of the time he is very passive and ignores most call outs. He will sometimes be unpredictable and snap at any little botherance to him. Although he may seem dark and uncareing he has a nice side to him he enjoys to play tricks and perverted pranks on femal ninjas just to observe their reaction. Kaihamaru with attempt to be polite to strangers, but will only go so far before changing into a meciless fighter. When the two-tail cat with in him is awakened he gets a physical as well as an emotional change. He will attack anything or anyone without care. Also he refuses to get knocked down and or back when in this form he will keep up his attack until his opponent is defeated or until he drains himself completly of his chakra.
History/Background: Kaihamaru was born in a Unknown Country, and abandoned in the desert as a baby. Found by the Village Hidden in the Sand hwe was brought there and trained as a Sand Shinobi. Kaihamaru started ninja training at the age of five, and is especilly adept with Air Style Ninjutsu. He became a genin at age 10, but later during his graduation year the cat demon within him awoken for unknown reasons and attacked killing many villagers. The next morning he found himself laying in the middle of the street blood stained and surrounded by murdered villagers and ninjas. Not wanting another incident like that of Gaara the Head Villagers voted banishment instantly slashing his newly aquired headband they kicked him out into the desert permenently banishing him from the Village Hidden in the Sand. So for the five years of his life after Kaihamaru's banishment he wandered the Great Countries and has become known by many as the dreaded "Demon of the Lost Wind."
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Kaihamaru Consulo
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