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 Rules and Details of Playing on this Site

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PostSubject: Rules and Details of Playing on this Site   Wed Jun 13, 2007 12:59 am


1. Make only one character at a time on the main RPG section.
2. Describe your character insainely well.
3. Don't Godmod at all.
4. Use profanity freely.
5. Romance may be as detailed as wanted, and can go as far as you wish.
6. Make your posts greatly detailed.
7. Slash is allowed
8. Do anything you want and have fun.

When Playing the Game

1. First off your character can die. If this happens you are free to make another character.
2. If your character dies and you really liked him/her, he or she can be revived by PMing me and I will find away for them to come back.
3. This site is Very Mature so the action sences and romantic parts can get as detailed as you wish.

How to Actually Play

1. In Free RP you put up a link where you start a part of you character's story and people can jump in as they please.
2. Battle Arena is where two or more people get incontact with eachother and start a link of just that fight (May go as far as desired.)
3. In Romance Corner, your character can start a link and start a romantic story where people can jump in and try to hook up, break up, or prevent hook ups.
4. 1-3 are all connected so your character cannot be in two places at once.
5. Shourai Spin-Off is where you put up you own seperate RPG's, there you make the rules and story line.
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Rules and Details of Playing on this Site
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