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 Kiru Akunochimata

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PostSubject: Kiru Akunochimata   Wed Jun 13, 2007 2:32 pm

Name and Alias: Kiru Akunochimata "The Rosuto"
Age: 17
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 215 lbs.
Gender: Male
Shinobi-Rank: Missing-Nin
Kekkei-Genkai: Akunochimata Kusari (Underworld Chain) The Akunochimata Kusari is Kiru's Blood-Line Trait allows Kiru to control a unlimited amount of chains that apear from the ground these chains can be controlled however he wants, stretching the chains through the sky or anything yet staying perfectly still using them in his own special fighting style. And mainly using them to cover his limbs making him hit harder and a somewhat form of armor.
Alignment: Akatsuki
Birth Country: Land of Shadow
Birth Date: December 22
Village: former Village hidden Six Feet Under
Appearance (Very Detailed): Hair is silver, eyes are are a dark purple has black straps wraped all around his body hanging down and criss crossing across his legs, has a large scar across his neck and both his wrist's
Picture Appearace (Optional): (without scroll)
Personality: Kiru is a strong willed fighter normally very calm said to have a split personality at how for no aparent reason he will seem as if he is a completly diffrent person.
History/Background: Kiru Akunochimata was a formor member of the Village hidden Six Feet Under until the village found out about his connection with the Akatsuki and atempted to kill him by cutting his throat and both wrists and pushed his body into the sea, Kiru casted a hyper regeneration jutsu befor his execution. Kiru has gained a hatred for the Land of Shadow's and will go out of his way to kill any of there member's. His only current connection with people who he wont kill is the newly formed Akatsuki. He is a master in Taijutsu, and uses a 8' staff that can break into segments of whatever length he wishs held together with chains capable of making it like a whip as his weapon.
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Kiru Akunochimata
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