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Walking Death Trap


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PostSubject: Servent   Wed Jun 13, 2007 4:20 pm

Name-Servent (also known as SERI)
weight-132 lbs
Rank-dosn't have one(speacil ninja)
Kekkei-Genkai- servents deffence
named after her past ancestor (same name)SERVENT by the high ranking ninjas who she and her family calls there master. This gives her the power to defend anyone servent chooses to be under total defence, if your intruoble or get atatcked servent will take the beating for them. and can also use her blood that can heal a person in seconds even rise them from near death, one bad thing is that the person who saves her life from death(simply a yearning to make her live IT HAS TO BE A BIG WANT PEOPLE!). Is her master for eternity she has to pretect the master if he wants her to pretect her or she and with a simple word she does anything her master says...sad really...
Aliment-depends on whos got it in for her
Birth country-shadow country
Birthdate-nov 29
Village-6 feet under
apperence-fair skin, with long wavy light brown hair reaching down to the bottom of her back usally put in a pony tail, dark eyes.wears(picture except for mask and shorter gloves.

personality-careing kind, likes to zone out(day dream).Deep thinker as well as smart! WIll do ANYTHING! to protect her companions

history-as a child she grew up in the shadow counrty but ran away at the age of 13. Then she ran into an orginization called BLACK and looked out for demonic(demons) people(people who have demons in them) and protected them.

um...i have to kinda edit this but heres more info....
she ran away becouse......she was murdered by someone in her masters house and was risen again and it was all on forver she has to be her masters servent if she didn't get away soon she could die....(lossege of blood deep hurt) later she got away but her family helped the master and not her (very painful to see that oh hes still after her too! crap right) oh and if her master dies she dies..(oh harsh) buts she can still live if she finds another master.....(someone who will WANT her to live!!!!!) okay all you need to know...
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